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Nuovo Rosè - Io Mazzucato - Etichette 2021_2.png

750 ml Vintage 2021

New Wine Rosé


01 04 2022 DATE OF START


31 05 2023 DATE OF UPDATE

We update our website every month, so follow us. And if you wish to join our "waiting list" and be updated, do not hesitate to write to us or fill out the form.

Many of you ask us when we can see the label. In a few more months, it will be published. In the meantime, you can always use the format to put yourself on the waiting list for the preorder or write to the international secretariat (preferably in English, but any language is acceptable) at or to the Italian secretariat


When it has been 100% sold and publicly presented, we will publish the label and images of the beautiful bottle and its whole world...

Buy before seeing and tasting? Of course, if you want exclusivity and the priority must be like this, at least it is for us who are unique and innovative.

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