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New rosé wine

Vintage 2021, 100% Shiraz, a new way of conceiving wine. Only those who can buy it will be able to see it, taste it... and it won't be something for everyone. We have started communicating to the market through the ECONOMY magazine in Italy, just some uniqueness: to see it and drink it, you will have to buy it and to buy it, you will have to follow us.

The experience with us doesn't start from tasting it in the cellar, the wine shop or with a standard presentation like everyone else does; the experience with us starts from being able to own it.

Why in the prestigious ECONOMY magazine in Italy? Because it is an Italian wine and because it is useless to be among so many wines in a wine magazine, so one is much more than wine. And whoever can buy it is undoubtedly only an entrepreneur, a CEO or a successful professional.


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