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One of our new autumn/winter 2023 projects. Book, meditation, wood, leather, paper, game, glass, reading, relaxation, wine and sensations, all this and much more... look for us in the prestigious ECONOMY magazine on the Italian newsstand from April 8 and from April 13 with Il Sole24Ore, the most important economic newspaper in Italy. Let's start from Italy because part of the project is Italian. While others talk about cooperation, partnership, sharing and inclusion, we have been doing it for 40 years. This project involved our companies and partners in the following cities: Dover (US), London (UK), Lugano (CH), Breganze (IT), Vilnius (LT) and Ostrava (CZ).

6 countries involved, 5 materials, and endless sensations that begin around the bottle of wine and remain with you even after you have tasted the wine.

A fun game accompanied by our wines. A sensory journey that starts in the brain and ends in your lips. Or it begins from your lips and ends up in your thoughts. You have to try to experience your sensations.

TDHI ITALIA (LT) warned you that it would revolutionize the wine and luxury sector... keep following us; it will be a journey you will want to be part of.

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