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New Wine Rosé

Our innovative path begins made of uniqueness and attention to detail.


Why can't you see the usual photo of the bottle? Because as you have read on our news page, in the magazines and on our social networks, the bottle, the label and the tasting of our new rosé can only be done by those who own it.

We know what you are thinking, but who buys a wine without tasting it and seeing it? Those who are part of our world, or those who want to be part of it, thus being able to have experiences that begin long before tasting the wine and end long after having finished the bottle.


You will see the label later; click on it to find out more.

You can't see the Magnum's label yet, but in the coming months, you'll be able to see it by clicking on the now unrecognizable label. Each Magnum is numbered. When the Magnum is sold, you will be able to view and download that label in high quality specifically.

The Magnums will be only 30 and different from the bottle already from the label. Yes. We wanted the Magnum to be different already from the label, even if it will be only one of the elements of the Magnum. The label will be only 1 of the 5 elements that will make the Magnum unique.

Two Magnums, find out which ones by clicking on the image; they will be different, sold only by auction, and the label will be one of the 6 elements that will make those two Magnums even more sensational.

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